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Admin quick start guide for Inphlu

As an Admin, get started with using Inphlu - Login, Connect Social Accounts, and Publish your first post.

Admin Quick First Steps

  1. Log in to Inphlu.com. 💻
  2. From the Overview Page, access the top right menu and click on "Profile."
  3. Connect all desired Social Media Accounts.
  4. Return to the top right menu and select "Company Details." 👀
  5. Add one or more Company Users.

  6. Go to the Storyboard Menu. 📖
  7. Click the blue "Create New" Post button.
  8. Fill in the fields to Preview the Post.
  9. Schedule the Post. ⏰
  10. Click "Edit Post" to finalize changes.
  11. Go to the Approved Posts tab.
  12. Hover over the post and click on the share button. 🤝

  13. Choose the audience you want to share the post with.
  14. CONGRATULATIONS! You are done! ✅


DOWNLOAD our Quick Start Guide for Inphlu here.