Learn More About Post Calendar

Learn about how the post calendar can serve as your content calendar to show you what you have going out when and help identify gaps within your content schedule.


The Post Calendar tab shows you all of the posts you scheduled through Inphlu, both past and present. It's a great way to see what your content calendar looks like for the month and identify gaps in your scheduled content. If you need a quick reminder of what's going out when or want to make some last-minute changes to your posts, the Post Calendar is the place to go!


Post Calendar

The calendar of the Post Calendar allows you to see the posts you have scheduled for the month, week, or day, on any particular day of the month, both past and present.

You can change the view of the calendar from a month to a week or a day by using the properly labeled buttons on the top left side of the page. In addition, using the left and right arrows next to the current timeframe of the calendar allows you to shift your view from the current month, week, or day, to the previous or next month, week, or day.

As the legend at the top right of the calendar points out, the various shades of blue represent where the scheduled posts are coming from, with dark blue representing Generated Posts, light purple representing Shared Posts, and aquamarine representing Created Posts.

If you would like only to view posts from a specific category, you can do so by using the dropdown next to the legend.

Post Pop-up

If you would like to expand the details of one of the posts in the Post Calendar or edit one, you need to click on the post you wish to look at, and then a pop-up will appear connected to the post.

In the pop-up, you can see the full title of the scheduled post, if there's a Source URL attached, the social media platforms it's scheduled for, the current scheduled date and time, and the edit icon, which is located in the top right of the post.

When you click on the edit icon, the Edit Post pop-up will appear, allowing you to edit every part of the post, even the date and time, so as long as the scheduled post hasn't been published, you're not locked into any post! Once you're done with your edits, click the Edit Post button so your changes can be saved and shown in the Post Calendar.

Tip: If you would like to change the date of a scheduled post, you can drag and drop the posts in the Post Calendar to change their scheduled dates!


If you've grasped the Post Calendar well, you're now ready to view the Dashboards!